Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

The bed bug (cimex lectularius,) has become a very difficult pest to control due to insecticide resistance among bed bug populations, concerns over human exposure to the toxins in pesticides and a general lack of awareness about the best handling practices by those inflicted.

The loathsome bed bug has become increasingly common due to increased international travel, ineffective or non-existent preventative action, and the bug’s evolving resistance to traditional insecticides. All of these factors have enabled bed bugs to multiply and spread faster than any other urban insect pest because they transport themselves – undetected – on clothing, shoes, luggage, laundry, housekeeping equipment, etc.  The list is seemingly endless!

It has become essential for hotels, motels, resorts and apartment communities to establish and/or revise a prevention plan, also known as an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.

A well-designed IPM plan can significantly reduce the risk of chemical exposure to humans, pets and the environment.  Mattress Fresh, when used as a component of an IPM program, can greatly decrease the use of traditional pesticides and costs associated with heat treatments.

By using sound environmental management practices, lodging establishments can limit their negative impact on the environment, improve their bottom lines and satisfy their customers’ demands for environmentally responsible, pest free facilities.  Preventing pest infestations with the regular use of Mattress Fresh, replaces dangerous pest control methods with focused applications ONLY in the targeted areas where pests typically live.

The benefits of using a non-toxic, organic product like Mattress Fresh are…:

  1. It reduces reliance on traditional pesticides;
  2. Its ingredients are all EPA-exempt;
  3. It’s 100% biodegradable;
  4. It’s safe;
  5. It’s cost-effective when compared with traditional treatment options;
  6. It’s easy to use;
  7. It can be applied by housekeeping personnel;
  8. It won’t stain furniture, bed linens or carpeting;
  9. It works!

Unlike the broad spectrum pesticides that can negatively impact humans, plants, birds, mammals and aquatic life, Mattress Fresh wasn’t engineered to function as “stand-alone” pest control product.  It wasn’t designed to replace all other pesticides.  Instead, it is pest specific and designed to dehydrate and kill beg bugs and closely related organisms.   When consistently used as a component of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan, Mattress Fresh is the most cost-effective, environmentally responsible, efficacious product you can buy!

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