Mattress Fresh is distributed exclusively by Continental Chemical USA

Continental Chemical USA is committed to high quality products, competitive pricing and unparalleled service. Mattress Fresh is one of CCUSA’s proprietary All Natural Products that are manufactured in the USA. All of the constituents in Mattress Fresh are 100% natural and each satisfies the criteria for EPA exemption. Mattress Fresh is currently the nation’s leading all natural remedy for the elimination and control of bed bugs.

Continental Chemical USA’s state-of the-art information technology systems enable fast access to an exhaustive inventory. Our experienced Sales and Logistics Teams can quickly and efficiently deliver the most demanding specifications in the shortest possible times at the most competitive prices. Continental Chemical USA, Inc also offers long-term supply agreements to some of the world’s most discriminating buyers.

At Continental Chemical USA, we work tirelessly with our customers to fulfill their inventory requirements and special delivery requirements on time, every time! For more information about our products and services or to inquire about items not listed, please call us at: 877.959.5530