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Landlord In Massachusettes – “Safe and Easy to use”

January 20, 2011

Dear Avenger Natural Bed Bug Killer,

I would like to thank you for producing a safe and effective product for combating a really bad bed bug problem I had. I am a Landlord in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and unfortunately have had some problems with bed bugs in some of my apartments. I first encountered bed bugs about two years ago when one of my third floor apartments tenant had their son come back from the Job Corp. He brought his belongings back in a great big cardboard box which also contained bed bugs. Within two weeks, the kids in the apartment were starting to get bitten at night in their sleep. The tenant tried to combat them with the local hardware store sprays, but it did not help. They then threw away two perfectly good sofas and two mattresses and boxed springs and started bleaching the floors and spraying daily. That still did not work. After about a month and things were still not getting better, they finally called me and told me they had brought in bed bugs and needed help to eliminate them. I called my exterminator and they treated the apartment three times and finally eliminated them. Each time they had to prepare by bagging and washing all their linens and clothing. They had to unpack their drawers and closets. It was a real nightmare for them and took a lot of time. In addition, they had to leave the apartment for hours to allow the spray and powder to settle and dry because of how toxic it was. Not only was it inconvenient, it was also very expensive. I believe it cost me around $1200 to treat the house.

About two and half months ago, I had another bed bug problem at another house. I called in my exterminator and we found the bed bug problem was very bad especially on the third floor. They too had been trying to combat the bed bugs on their own and never told me they had a problem. My exterminator said that he believes the bed bugs had been there for probably a year or so and the place was infested. On the first floor of this house lives a young baby. I asked my exterminator if there was any product out there that was safer to use than the usual poison. He said that in his 18 years of experience, he has not seen any natural or organic based product that actually worked. He recommended the usual treatment of harsh toxic chemicals and powders especially where this place was so infested. I was afraid to bring in the toxic chemicals with such a young baby there so I did some research. I found your product, Avenger Natural Bed Bug Killer. I asked my exterminator about it and he gave little to no chance of it working. I told him let’s try it and see if it works, if not, we will use his stuff. So, I ordered what I needed. The product arrived a few days later and we had the tenants on all three floors prepare their apartments for treatment.

It was treatment time and my exterminator brought over a freshly cleaned pressure sprayer and duster. We loaded up the sprayer with Avenger Natural Bed Bug Killer. When we got started we noticed that the tenants did almost nothing to prepare. My exterminator said it is highly unlikely that we will have much success as we will not be able to get access to all the areas we need to. I said let’s just do what we can and see if the product actually helps. We started on the third floor and it was loaded with live bed bugs. We found dozens and dozens of them on the mattresses and the furniture. We knew this was going to be a tough job to eliminate them. The second floor was recently cleaned and reoccupied and they had very few bugs there. The first floor also had quite a few bugs active. We went through all three floors and sprayed all the furniture and dusted the powder. Because your product is safer, we felt confident being liberal with the spray on all the mattresses and furniture. The product gives off a strong peppermint smell which did not seem to bother either of us. I did have the tenants leave for the treatments to make things easier for us. I asked them to leave for an hour and then come back.

About a week and half after the first treatment there was a significant improvement and almost all the bed bugs were dead. A few days later, we did a full second treatment. During this treatment my exterminator said he was very impressed with what he was seeing for results. He said that he never would have expected to see as many dead bugs as he saw. He said it worked almost exactly the same as his normal chemicals would have. We applied another liberal spraying and he said that we probably will not need to do a third treatment. It has been about two months now and there are no signs of any live bed bugs anywhere. All the tenants are happy and I am happy. In addition, it only cost me about $250 in materials and my exterminator did the labor for free as he wanted to see if the product worked. He said that this job was a real bad one and he would have normally charged $1400 for a treatment like this.

Thank you Avenger Natural Bed Bug Killer for making a great product that is safe, effective and easy to use.

Feel free to share my story with anyone that is looking to try your product. I am glad I did and I expect they will be pleased with the results.


Ken Mann

3FC Property Management